UNION follows a millennial woman's journey through love and loss as she takes us on her personal quest to find and keep love amidst a Hollywood-narrative-driven society that does not teach us to love the endings of things.





In a time of escalating divorce rates, increased transparency about forays into polyamory, open relationships, shifting gender roles in the home, workplace, relationships and the like, this feature length documentary comes forth to explore pressing questions about how to find ones true path in love amidst the bombardment of Hollywood stories of happily ever after.  The director, a millennial, narrates the story as she finds herself falling in love with a man who she believes is “the one.” When he proposes marriage, she goes on a personal quest to understand and validate pressing questions about how to form a successful union in the times we are living in.

Crafted from a past retold in interviews, surreal dream-like video poems and intimate verité footage, the film has a poetic European art film aesthetic meets Burning Man dance rave – a meeting which helps to visually transcends barriers, thus creating the necessary cognitive dissonance needed to fully imagine the possibility of a new narrative in love.

The director frames her personal journey in love and loss with narration, voice memos and by spotlighting the ups, downs and learnings in radical love relationships of her inspiring, alternative San Francisco Bay Area community.  

The film leverages dominant culture, challenging our ideas of “failure” when relationships comes to an end. It asks, how do we find and keep the love we want and also how can we cope with transition and reframe our sense of what it means to be in a Union in a culture that does not teach us to learn to love the endings of things?

Currently in Production.


NIMITAE ("Nothing is More Important Than Anything Else") 

(  Bryan Franklin aka NIMITAE DJing at Supper Club, San Francisco  )

(Bryan Franklin aka NIMITAE DJing at Supper Club, San Francisco)

My current project, "Including Love - Music That Celebrates Sacred Union" is a compilation of uplifting and deeply grooving dance music - with each song inspired by and dedicated to a specific epic couple in our community. These men and women are pushing the envelope of what it means to embody the divine masculine and divine feminine, and each couple has their story of how they came to alchemize true love.

I believe the primary love relationship is the current cutting edge of culture and human potential, and that viewing true love as the prime transformative experience is the window to a future we all can believe in. The only way to become your highest unique self is to surrender fully to the most spectacular vision of you that exists on the planet - the future version of you that only your beloved can see. When you stop resisting the greatness that only they can hold for you - you can become something far surpassing your own limited sense of self interest.


The music in the film will be remixed by notable electronic music artists such as Random Rab, Shpongle, Phutureprimitive and others. 

A special thank you to Android Jones (www.androidjones.com) for capturing the love between me and my wife Jennifer in his piece "Union" which I use as the image / icon here and for the album cover art. Jennifer - as you would expect - is the inspiration for this project and our relationship is captured musically in "Warrior Catches Thief". Listening to "Warrior Catches Thief" and looking and Android's "Union" together is a spiritual experience for anyone who believes in true love…

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Android Jones is at the forefront of the Electro-Mineralist art movement, a wave of artists whose medium is electricity and their hardware and tools are forged from mining elements found deep inside the earth . Androids body of work aims to emphasize creativity as the foundation of consciousness and an agent of social change.

As a Electro-Mineralist, Android builds on the technical developments of past centuries in art history while pushing the boundaries of the imagination with new technologies and media forms. Moving beyond the traditional organic vegetable and animal technologies of pencils, ink, and brushes, Android develops latent possibilities within software programs such as Painter, Photoshop, ZBrush, and Alchemy, discovering new combinations and uses for tools that exceed the original intentions of their programmers. 

As an experienced designer, Android has contributed to films, games, and to building communities in person and online, and his interactive installations have enchanted tens of thousands of participants at events like Boom and Burning Man. Viewing the digital domain as a medium of energy and light capable of expanding the nature of reality, Android's art encourages others to explore the potential interfaces of mind and machine in this time of accelerating change and increasing novelty.

To this end, Android's art serves two related functions: it bears witness to realities accessible through heightened states of consciousness, and it also engenders heightened awareness through the processes of creation and audience interaction. Digital art becomes a tool for navigating reality and human awareness, and Android's art invites others to join the advancing evolution of consciousness by speaking to the artist in everyone.


    Behold, a leading Visionary artist of our time weaves his work synchronistically into the cinematic fabric of this compelling narrative... Playing with a dynamic range of light and shadow, we invite Android Jones to use his full artistic palette to mesh realism with fantasy, and through his art, introduce the characters' higher versions of themselves. By inviting visionary art onto the cinematic screen, we imagine a world in which evolutionary partnership makes it possible for each one of us to live out the highest version of ourselves that exists on the planet. 


    Executive Producer






    Music Editor & Sound Designer (a.k.a Bryan Franklin)


    Visionary Artist


    Assistant Editor


    Sound Design & Mix







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    TO DATE the film has raised and spent about $35,000.

    These funds covered basic costs of production – that's 4 years of principal photography (on a shoestring budget), audio recording, sound mixing, editing the trailer, travel, footage logging, story boarding & consultation.

    At this stage, the story has a clear bookend and we are ready to edit the rough cut and a new trailer. 

    We are spending the Summer and Fall of 2018 in the edit room to create a new trailer and assemble skeleton scenes. This process help us to see where animation can be placed, what footage needs to be sourced, licensed and filmed additionally to round out the story. At this time, we are also fundraising to support filming follow up interviews with all the characters.

    A pitch doc with more information is available here.

    We are welcoming contributions to support our wintertime post-production process. All donations are tax-deductible and go through our 501(c)3 at Re/Culture Media.

    Thank you.