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"Warrior Catches Thief" is a love story: It begins with a thief. Crying out. At his end. In a world without truth. Until he meets her. There she is. A reason. An inspiration. The thief tries to catch her - using his thieving tools. Until he's the warrioress. To all his darkness, "more" she commands, and in him... something good emerges. Something... sacred. and they dance! He's no longer a thief. Caught, made a prince. So with his prince armor. and his prince sword. He dives into the darkest part of his lover's heart to find in the warrioress a reason to lay down arms, forever. And they rejoice! The prince, by her, made a king. the warrioress, by him, made a high priestess. And together they sing their message to the world. clear. strong. true. and once claimed... done. leaving only their most intimate, sacred moment. a gift they share. cultivated. loved.


"I am Alive" is a story of resurrection. They made a commitment, to stay together, even when it got hard. And they did.... through lost pregnancies, death in the family, and deep, deep depression, there were years of total darkness without a glimmer of hope. Instead of fighting the dark, and after trying everything else, they plunged deep into the underworld of an ancient healing Amazonian plant called Ayahuasca, and it changed their lives forever, ultimately bringing them the love and light that is Puma, their little son.


"Seer & the Seen" is the love story of Sacha Lalla and Scott DeStephanis, who faced disapproval and doubt from family and friends about their choice to become husband & wife, but ultimately chose to trust in who they each were becoming in the arms of their beloved. Thank you S+S for showing all of us that sometimes love takes courage, and that one moment of truth can be worth years of uncertainty.


"Earth on Fire"  was the first song NIMITAE wrote in his series, "Including Love." It celebrates the extraordinary love of David & Kate. David is the embodiment of masculine Earth energy - a mountain, immovable. Kate is feminine fire. He, without her, was perhaps too impenetrable, and she, without him, had a fire that would sometime singe and burn those around her. In love, they have tempered and enlivened each other, and created the beauty that NIMITAE so exquisitely captured in this track.

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"Everything to Give,"  is Nathan and LiYana's love story about an infinite game in which everyone wins. Designing their 11 year relationship, this couple has played the range of emotional stretching and ultimately holds desire as holy. They serve the world together and apart in support of the divine masculine and divine feminine – from designing the perfect systems for their creatively monogamous household of 5 adults and 2 children to teaching women how to "man whisper", this couple embodies the beautifully balanced divine dance available to us in evolutionary love.